New Chapter Moves Forward With Proctor And Gamble

When Paul and Barbi Schulick began New Chapter in 1982, they wanted to help people learn about using herbs as medicine. Thirty years later, Proctor & Gamble came calling to bring the brand further into the mainstream market in larger stores.

With a physician for a father, Paul grew up learning about medicine and the human body. After studying herbs on his own, he went on to complete his training as a master herbalist through the School of Natural Healing. Shortly thereafter, he and Barbi started making herbal extracts in their Brattleboro, Vermont home to sell to the local community.

As word got out about Paul’s unique formulations and their benefits, the brand expanded, eventually appearing in health food stores around the country. New Chapter became well known for their study of ginger, for example, creating a series of products highlighting the benefits of the medicinal root, with products like Ginger Wonder Syrup. Turmeric is another root they’ve focused on, with products like Turmeric Force

To control the quality of the ingredients used in their products at all times, the Schulicks founded Luna Nueva, their farm in Costa Rica, with partner Steven Farrell in 1994, originally to produce ginger and turmeric. The farm is certified organic and biodynamic, surrounded by the rain forest.

Then in June 2012, the company turned a new corner, when New Chapter was acquired by P&G and Kyle Garner was appointed the new chief executive officer to lead the company into the future. P&G is the maker of such brands as Tide, Pampers and Olay. The goal of working with P&G is to expand the brand in all areas of research of development to continue producing only products of the highest quality.

The new partnership also means new funding for product packaging as well as more clinical testing of products to answer the age-old question about vitamins and supplements – Do they work? The company continues to use organic and non-genetically modified organisms (GMO) in their products, earning them the necessary certifications to label their products as organic and non-GMO.

Today, Paul leads the innovation team at New Chapter while Barbi works to carry on the message of natural healing the company has focused on since its inception. The line has expanded to include specialized vitamins and supplements, such as the Take Care line and Zyflamend.

Customers will see changes to the look of the products, but the ingredients in their formulations will not chang

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Forex Robots and the People Who Can Benefit From It – Are You Interested in Joining Them?

Forex Robot softwares intends to offer great forex trading business, so many people may benefit from it. But like any other businesses, the forex world requires capital for an investor to tread his path to success. Forex trading is more like a gamble, just like all the businesses that have existed, still existing and soon to exist. Some won, some have lost, but, more people may still benefit from it in the end.

Anyway, here is a list of people who can benefit from using forex robots.

a. Existing forex traders who want to double their capital can benefit from forex robots. It is also the option of the trader if they want to use the forex robot to trade their entire fund or diversify their capital and just use some of their funds for the forex trading robot to trade.

b. Any interested traders who are not well knowledgeable in forex trading can use forex robots to trade for them instead. The automated forex robot software is an alternative way to trade forex if an interested trader is not comfortable of their own forex trading skills.

c. Former forex traders who have already given up forex trading can start over again using the forex robot automated system.

d. Part-time forex traders can go full time in forex trading because forex robots will manage and trade your forex account every open forex business hours.

e. Individuals and institutions who are looking for alternative investments but does not have all the time in the world can use forex robots to do the trading for them

Remember that at the end of the day, using a forex robot may not be the best for everyone. Not all can experience the glory of winning and not all will be unfortunate enough to lose all his money. An investor must have what it takes to sustain his business and definitely must have what it takes to bear the burden of falling when his business will not run as he expected it to be. If you are interested in using a forex robot for trading, do not ever forget that doing so involves risk so do not involve yourself to it unless you are ready for all the possible consequences.

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If you’d like to try an Automated Forex Robot that has been proven on video to double the dep

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